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Leadership Development

The quality of your leadership determines the quality of your organizational results.

Business perplexities demand futuristic thinking and high performance of our leaders. Are they agile to deal with business volatilities and uncertainties adequately?

Only leaders who can inspire, innovate and lead with determination and purpose can ensure organizational success, no matter what the times.

Our leadership learning framework draws from global best practices, industry-specific cases, and contemporary pedagogies to integrate and prepare your leaders for business complexities.

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” – Harold S. Geneen

Build the core, build your team to drive sustainable results

Leaders who are more aware of their unique strengths and weaknesses in their organizational context can focus efforts and learning to drive business results.

Our leadership assessments provide a snapshot of leader’s strengths and areas of improvement tied to business strategies and results. Having mapped such strengths and weaknesses of top leaders across hundreds of companies over a few decades, we can help your leadership teams focus their efforts and achieve the business results in accordance to business strategies and goals.

We have a battery assessment tools and questionnaires ready to provide keen insights into leaders, teams, and organizations profiles, contexts and behaviors – for example, our Top Team Synergy Map, Leadership Tracker, Hi-Po Identifier, FIRO, Typology, ESQ, IIROP, Change Readiness, Being Remarkable, CVF, WIFI, EQ-I, DNI focus on questions tailored to top leaders and high performing teams.

Building leaders at every level.
Developing alpha leadership, from the very beginning.

Should you need a leadership intervention effective in building the leadership pipeline and strengthening the leadership infrastructure of your organization, our Integrated Leadership Development Program (ILDP) is a unique flagship offering co-developed with your L&OD and delivered in multiple parts.

It starts after a thorough diagnostics and is customized to the developmental needs of the participants. Apart from the classroom training delivered in bursts, each ILDP includes a sophisticated and new age pedagogy of webinars, gamifications, simulations, multi-rater feedback, psychometric assessments, industrial visits, individual coaching, live projects and assignments to ensure a holistic learning transfer and retention in accordance to business results.

Building the Leadership Pipeline
Coaching conversations that nudge.

Your need to develop top talent through coaching ends here. Our executive coaching for leaders enables realize their veiled potentials, overcome personal and professional barriers to better performance and help them succeed in business and life.

Our coaching conversations are directed towards achieving pre-meditated objectives and are highly coachee-centric. Each dialogue optimizes the coachee’s potential to improve performance by mapping coachee needs, self-assessments to understand the coachee orientation, multi-rater feedback to identify capability gaps and multi-part coaching conversations conducted by seasoned coaches.The various kinds of coaching that we provide are –
• Leadership Team and Top Management Coaching
• Hi-Potential Coaching
• Leadership Pipeline Coaching
• Multi-rater Coaching

Accelerate Leadership Impact Program (ALIP) Unlock your High-Potential talent
Are you getting less from the hi-pos your investing in? Are you worried about the impact and effectiveness of your Hi-po program?

Accelerate Leadership Impact Program (ALIP) blends research and theories with practical tools and experienced strategies that will further commit hi-pos to realize their potential and rise to senior roles faster. ALIP provides an opportunity work closely with seasoned leadership faculty from industry and academia in dynamic and interactive learning spaces covering the following capabilities for leading self, business and stakeholders:
• Manage Complexity
• Act Strategically
• Manage Global Business
• Develop Personal Adaptability
• Cultivate Learning Agility
• Leverage Networks
• Inspire Engagement

Fill the gap merit in success. Follow an EEP program Enhancing Leadership aura.
What meets their eye and ear determines what stakeholders feel about you.

To be taken seriously by your clients and stakeholders in high stake conversations and meetings is a pre-requisite to succeed as a leader. Should you feel that there are many slips between the cup and the lip try enhancing your executive presence of your leaders.

This EEP program takes on superior communication, demonstrating grit, professional influencing and overall builds emotional stability combined with style and substance for your leaders to own the rooms they are in. Previous participants have benefitted from our executive presence assessments, specific tools and techniques that enhance their authenticity, build professional brand and sustain measurable success making the in them leader come alive.

A separate initiative on institutionalizing these behaviours is available through a tool-kit of coaching touch-points, webinars and other initiatives, should there be a felt need.

Is your organization ready to break glass and shatter some ceilings? Empower your women to lead.

Any one between mid to senior management positions with significant decision-making responsibilities can follow our multi-phased Women Leadership Program designed to get women to lead.

They will create personal and powerful strategies to navigate through organizational and personal challenges in their ascending roles both locally and globally. They will further be exposed to best practices within organizations that advance women leaders, enhance understanding of their business roles and create coping strategies in adverse situations.

A practical toolkit to develop confidence and own their voices, navigate through obstacles and dialogue with seasoned leaders to achieve success will be a crucial take away. Watch as your women workforce transforms to take on core responsibilities.

Are your getting the most returns on your leadership strategies in VUCA times? These call for newer leadership development strategies to meet superior and sustainable business results.

Without an effective multi-pronged strategy to meet business outcomes, solutions for leadership learnings can be a bane for LNOD partners. Having partnered in designing and implementing world-class leadership solutions for boards and leaders as well as their internal Leadership and Talent Development partners for over two decades, we have been transforming how leaders learn in complex times.

Few themes of the customized solutions are –
• Leadership at the Top
• Navigating through Leadership derailment
• Strategic Thinking
• Leadership and Team excellence
• Aligning leader to strategy and vision
• Emotional and social intelligence for leaders
• Leading through Executive Presence
• Leaders as coaches

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