Peerbhoy, Sajid Arjuna

Sajid Arjuna Peerbhoyhas more than two decades of rich experience as a trainer, consultant, teacher, guide and counselor for executives across industries and people at large. His spiritual mission is to help people achieve their full potential, fulfil their dreams, and live a happy, healthy and holistic life.Sajid has conducted training programs for companies across industries on various topics including leadership, stress management, innovation and creativity and team excellence, to name a few. He has been counseling and coaching senior corporate executives, helping them succeed at their work and in their personal lives.Sajid was earlier the owner and head of a successful advertising agency, Speer;Executive Vice-President at Ogilvy & Mather and the Creative Head of Ambience D’Arcy. At various times he was also a filmmaker, a photographer, musician, writer, a chauffeur and a chef.

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